Private Course

Fundamentals of Axial Compressors

Fundamentals of Axial Compressors 

Length: 2.5 days
$20,000 USD Domestic (Continental USA)
$24,000 USD International 

This course is targeted to engineers and designers of axial compressors for high performance applications. This 2 ½ day course will cover the most important areas of interest in advanced axial compressor design. The goal of the course is to help students understand the most important considerations of laying out an axial compressor design as well the various modeling methods used in the process. Engineers can expect to gain an understanding of best design practices and the most modern approaches to achieving high performance and reliable designs.

The course begins with range and performance requirements which determine the initial design layout. From this point, the basic principles of meanline and lower order modeling are covered to quantify the basic performance and determine the trade-offs between performance and durability that inevitably influence the design. Finally, increasing detailed and sophisticated numerical methods, used in the final stages of design, will be covered.

The course will explain some real-world applications using state-of-the-art industry design tools such as meanline analysis, quasi-3D solution methods, and advanced computational fluid dynamic technics. Special consideration of each of the advantages and limits of each method, and when to apply them in the design process, will be covered. 

Program Outline

  • Range and Requirements
    • Design Requirements and Design Process
  • Preliminary and Meanline Design
    • Preliminary (Meanline) Design and Off-Design Performance Characteristics
  • Stress and Durability
  • Detailed Design Methods
  • CFD and Advanced Numerical Methods
What You Will Learn
  • How to size a compressor for basic performance and range
  • Meanline and lower order models used to layout initial designs
  • Durability and aerodynamic trade-offs needed
  • Modern numerical techniques for performance modeling and optimization


Axial Compressor Calendar Agenda 

Optional Materials (Additional Charges Apply)


Mark AndersonMark Anderson
Mark Anderson is Chief Technology Officer at Concepts NREC. He has almost 30 years of experience in turbomachinery design and fluid modeling. He earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University and an M.A. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Anderson has conducted a wide range of research in the areas of hypersonic propulsion, turbomachinery modeling, and computational fluid dynamics.  He spearheaded Concepts NREC’s meanline development, geometry parameterization, and quasi-3D and full 3D CFD, and was Vice President of Software Development for 10 years. He has authored or coauthored over 25 papers on turbomachinery, CFD, and environmental modeling.

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