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Design Software Workshops

Hands-on Training with Our Latest Software

These popular workshops are an opportunity for current and prospective Concepts NREC software users to obtain hands-on training in the latest versions of the Agile Engineering Design System® for axial and radial turbomachines. Workshops typically draw a diverse and active group of both experienced and new turbomachinery designers who want or need to be current in this versatile, powerful, state-of-the-art turbomachinery design and analysis software. Workshop participants are eligible to receive a free 30-day trial software license.

Standard Instruction with Customized Content

The workshop topics are designed to meet the requirements of design engineers from experts to those with limited design knowledge. To assure needs are met, registered participants are strongly encouraged to specify their particular areas of interest. Workshop participants interact directly with Concepts NREC design engineers and development staff, as well as current users, to allow a complete exploration of the software’s capabilities including future planned enhancements. 

Schedule of Online Design Software Workshops

In addition to accommodating specific requests by participants and focusing on areas of particular interest, design software workshops provide hands-on instruction in the capabilities of advanced design software for axial and radial turbomachines, including compressors, pumps, and turbines.

  • Week One: Day 1&2 - Meanline Design & Analysis
  • Week One: Day 3&4 - AxCent: Blade Design, Streamline Curvature, CFD (FINE/Turbo)
  • Week One: Day 5 - CFD Analysis (FINE/Open), Optimization (TurboOPT II)
  • Week Two: Day 6 -FEA Analysis (pbFEA), Rotor dynamics (DyRoBeS)
  • Week Two: Day 7&8 - Design Examples, Q & A, Discussion
  • Week Two: Day 9&10 - One-Hour One-on-One Sessions


Please select from the dates below to start your registration. All the times are EDT/EST.

  • December 6 - 17, 2021 (9 am - 12 pm EST, Mon - Fri, Registration is closed 5pm EST on Nov. 19)

    Full Sessions: $1,200

Partial Sessions (One Topic): $300

APS Member Discount Pricing

APS members with multiple employees attending should use code DSWAPS1or2 for the first two registrations to receive a 50% discount. Use code DSWAPS3or4 for third and fourth registrations to receive a 25% discount. For 5 or more attendees, please contact us for special pricing.

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