Private & Custom Courses

Private & Custom Courses Held at Your Facility 

In addition to our Professional Development Courses that are scheduled each year, Concepts NREC also offers standard courses that can be taught at your facility. These private courses are a cost-effective way to train your team on fundamental topics in turbomachinery.

Private Courses 

Fundamentals of Axial Compressors 

This course is targeted to engineers and designers of axial compressors for high performance applications. This 2.5 day course will cover the most important areas of interest in advanced axial compressor design. The goal of the course is to help students understand the most important considerations of laying out an axial compressor design as well the various modeling methods used in the process. Engineers can expect to gain an understanding of best design practices and the most modern approaches to achieving high performance and reliable designs. Learn more

Introduction to Radial Compressor Design 

Detailed understanding of the aerodynamic behavior and structural integrity of centrifugal compressors is essential to meet competitive market needs. This course covers the fundamentals of radial compressor design along with the design process and analytical methods used to make state-of-the-art machines. Among the topics covered will include cycle work, velocity triangle optimization, initial sizing, detailed design and viscous flow-field analysis, and structural analysis. The student will learn the basic phenomena occurring in inlets, impellers, diffusers, volutes, and return channels. Special emphasis is placed on surge, choke, design methodology, and model development. Learn more

Supercritical CO2 Cycle and Turbomachinery Design and Analysis 

Interest in supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) in closed-loop power cycles has significantly increased in recent years. These cycles benefit from the unique properties of CO2 near the critical point, but these properties also pose unique challenges for turbomachinery design. This course seeks to educate the engineer on the basics of sCO2 design. We will identify the basic issues, tradeoffs, and limitations involved in laying out cycles and their sizing requirements. The most suitable applications of sCO2 cycles will be discussed. Basic aerodynamic and structural design issues unique to sCO2 will be covered along with special concerns for design and analysis of the turbomachinery components. Learn more

Introduction to Turbocharging and Turbochargers Course

This is a professional development course dealing with turbocharging systems and turbocharged engines. Basics of compressor and turbine design are covered, with special emphasis on performance, range, and reliability issues as they relate to turbocharging. The course has also been brought up to date to reflect the latest information and trends, including emissions and downsizing requirements. We will also cover hybrid turbocharging that incorporates superchargers and electric machines. It remains a course solidly based on technical foundations, with a continuing emphasis on understanding the reasoning behind each development. There is something here to engage engineers at all levels. Learn more

Custom Courses

Concepts NREC can also custom design a course to suit your exact training needs. We can provide instruction across a broad range of topics including basic fluid mechanics, thermodynamic principles, structural and vibration analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and advanced materials. Please email to start a conversation.

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