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Turbopump Related R&D Programs


  • Air Force USET
  • TR108 LOX/JP10, 30K lpf
  • TR107 LOX/RP, 250K lbf
  • Rapid design of low-cost turbopumps
    • LOX/LH2 pump conceptual design
    • LOX/Methane pump design through PDR
  • Integrated Modular Machine
    • LOX/Methane
    • Turbopump design through conceptual design review
  • Thrust Augmented Nozzle (TAN) studies
    • HC/LOX booster application
    • Trade studies and preliminary scoping of required turbomachinery
  • Air Force TPA Additive Manufacturing for Reduced Costs
  • Proprietary turbopump development projects for most of the leading established and emerging aerospace companies