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Turbopump Related SBIR Projects


Advanced Determination and Control of Steady and Dynamic Excitation for Turbopumps using Magnetics Bearings

Advanced Turbopump High-Stage Loading, Enhanced Efficiency, and Reduced Part Count

Design-Based Development for Pump Cavitation Control (NASA and NSF)

Improved Throttleability for High-Head Pumps (NASA)

Low-leakage Brush Seals for Rocket Turbopumps

Integrated Turbopump Design System for Improved Performance and Reduced Cost

Thermo-Mechanical Analysis for an Integrated Turbopump Design System (NASA)

High Suction Specific Speed Inducers for Cryogenic Upper Stage Engines (AFRL)

Inducer Dynamic Transfer Functions (NASA)

Knowledge-Based Multidisciplinary Optimization of Rocket Turbopump Design (AFRL)