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Introducing SpinOffs - The Blog

By Barbara Shea
Sep 23, 2016

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Today, Concepts NREC is launching our new online blog, named SpinOffs as an homage to the company's printed newsletter of the same name. 

The company’s first newsletter came out in 1986 with the goal of sharing exciting innovations, unique applications, case studies, product development and opinions focused on engineering issues.  For the next thirty years a printed newsletter filled with in-depth technical content was sent out to subscribers from around the globe. The name changed over the years, from NREC News, to Spin, and finally to SpinOffs, but the original goal remained the same.

SpinOffs, the blog, will also keep the goal of the original newsletter intact and provide the ability to leave comments and ask questions. We look forward to sharing what’s new, next and notable in the turbomachinery industry with you.

Thank you for reading!

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