In Thermodynamics: “What Goes Around-Comes Around” is a Good Thing

by Francis A. Di Bella, P.E. on Jun 28, 2019 10:07:50 AM

When discussing the efficiency of transforming one form of energy to another, circularity is the way to go. Anyone who has spent even a little time studying engineering thermodynamics knows that the continuous transformation of energy from a heat energy source to produce mechanical or electrical power must contend with components that operate in a cycle. The key word here being “continuous”. The combustion of any carbon-hydrogen bond material (i.e., fossil fuels), or the liberation of heat energy from any number of materials when placed in a piston-cylinder, would not be very useful if the piston is not returned to its initial “precombustion” position. It is literally the difference between the one-time launching of an object from the cylinder or the continuous production of rotary shaft power; power that can be used to propel a vehicle forward or turn an electric generator. It is the cyclic operation of the fluid in the thermodynamic cycle that enables heat engines and refrigeration cycles to provide continuous power, or cooling, that is needed for the safety, security, comfort and all the other “hierarchy of needs” that was so well formulated by the renowned humanist psychologist, Dr. Abraham Maslow.

Site Selection for Low- and No-Head Hydroelectric Pilot Plants

by Andrew Provo on Nov 15, 2018 2:42:37 PM

According to the 2014 Oak Ridge National Laboratory study on untapped hydro-power potential, there is nearly 65 GW of untapped power in America’s waterways. The vast majority of this power remains undeveloped for many reasons, both environmental and commercial. One major impediment to the realization of this potential is the significant infrastructure required to install a conventional hydroelectric facility. The commercial and environmental cost of dam construction often makes the development of small-scale (50 kW–500 kW) hydroelectric installations untenable.

Introducing SpinOffs - The Blog

by Barbara Shea on Sep 23, 2016 10:59:18 AM

Today, Concepts NREC is launching our new online blog, named SpinOffs as an homage to the company's printed newsletter of the same name. 

The company’s first newsletter came out in 1986 with the goal of sharing exciting innovations, unique applications, case studies, product development and opinions focused on engineering issues.  For the next thirty years a printed newsletter filled with in-depth technical content was sent out to subscribers from around the globe. The name changed over the years, from NREC News, to Spin, and finally to SpinOffs, but the original goal remained the same.

SpinOffs, the blog, will also keep the goal of the original newsletter intact and provide the ability to leave comments and ask questions. We look forward to sharing what’s new, next and notable in the turbomachinery industry with you.

Thank you for reading!


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