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Latest Blog Articles

AI vs Peer-Reviewed Research: Let’s Talk About It
AI vs Peer-Reviewed Research: Let’s Talk About It
by Kate Guerrina, Marketing Manager
Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze and evaluate a research topic, making it fast and easy, while research going through peer review is rigorously evaluated and scrutinized by experts in the same field, ensuring that the research methods, data analysis, and conclusions are sound and valid.
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Part 2: Hydrogen Turbomachinery Design
CAE Software
Part 2: Hydrogen Turbomachinery Design
by Mark R. Anderson, Chief Technical Officer, Concepts NREC
Hydrogen is attracting a lot of interest in different circles these days from: propulsion, to energy storage, to personal transportation. The most obvious benefit of hydrogen fuel is a total lack of carbon in the exhaust products. This is rare for a fuel that’s a fairly high energy substance to begin with. More specifically, its high energy in terms of energy per unit of weight but somewhat less so in terms of volume.
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Part 1: Hydrogen and Turbomachinery
CAE Software
Part 1: Hydrogen and Turbomachinery
by Dr. David Schowalter, Sr. Director, Global Software Sales
Because of its promise as a non-polluting fuel, hydrogen is currently a very popular topic among the energy and turbomachinery communities. If hydrogen is reacted with pure oxygen, the thermal energy release is significant, and water is the only by-product. This highly exothermic reaction was used to get humanity to the moon. Of course, nitrous oxides (NOx) can be released if hydrogen is burned in air. If, on the other hand, the energy from the reaction is converted to heat and electricity in a fuel cell, then only water vapor is discharged. In addition, when pressurized in a tank, hydrogen is an easily transportable fuel, and so is desirable for transportation.
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