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Concepts NREC Acquires Rotordynamic and Bearing Specialist RBTS, Inc.

By Kate Guerrina, Marketing Manager
Jan 18, 2024

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White River Junction, VT, USA – January 18, 2024Concepts NREC is pleased to announce the acquisition of RBTS, Inc., a company renowned for its expertise in rotordynamics engineering and software solutions. This strategic move reinforces Concepts NREC's leadership and position as the most comprehensive turbomachinery solutions provider in the world today.

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Founded in 1986, Rotor Bearing Technology & Software, Inc. (RBTS) provides engineering services and software for the analysis of rotating machinery dynamics, bearings, bearing systems, and their structural components. Customers of both Concepts NREC and RBTS will experience the immediate benefits of this union, gaining access to an expanded pool of expertise and software capabilities that transcends traditional boundaries and leverages the strengths of both companies.

As part of the acquisition, the skilled and experienced RBTS team will join Concepts NREC's world-renowned engineering professionals. This collaboration is more than a business move; it is a passing of the torch, with the RBTS team imparting their many years of rotor dynamic expertise to the next generation of engineers at Concepts NREC.

Concepts NREC will also bring on board RBTS's cutting-edge rotordynamics software package called ARMD (Advanced Rotating Machinery Dynamics). The union of ARMD with Concepts NREC's existing Agile Engineering Design Suite will significantly broaden their software capabilities in the critical domain of rotating machinery dynamics and their support bearing systems to create the most comprehensive, sophisticated, and robust set of software tools available in the world today for turbomachinery design, engineering, and analysis.

"We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of RBTS", states Sean McDermott, Concepts NREC CEO. "The combination of our strengths and expertise creates powerful synergies that our customers will be able to rely on to solve their most demanding turbomachinery challenges."

"Joining the team at Concepts NREC is an exciting chapter for us and is a testament to the shared commitment to excellence that we both share", said Victor Obeid, RBTS Engineering Manager. "The team here is really looking forward to contributing our expertise to a company synonymous with end-to-end and cutting-edge turbomachinery solutions."

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For over 65 years, Concepts NREC’s comprehensive, innovative, and integrated suite of products and solutions for turbomachinery design, software, manufacturing, engineering, assembly, testing, and training have given birth to products and ideas that are changing our world. From clean and efficient renewable energy and power generation solutions to propelling the most efficient aircraft and rocket engines, our services and solutions are paving the way to a sustainable future. Visit for more information.

About RBTS

Rotor Bearing Technology & Software (RBTS) provides engineering services and software for the analysis of rotating machinery dynamics, bearings, bearing systems, and their structural components. Established in 1986, RBTS prides itself on its ability to perform technical analyses of the highest quality using advanced techniques and to bring a versatile, yet highly specialized perspective to the solution of commonplace as well as unique engineering problems. For more details, visit

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