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AI vs Peer-Reviewed Research: Let’s Talk About It

By Kate Guerrina, Marketing Manager
Mar 28, 2023

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze and evaluate a research topic, making it fast and easy, while research going through peer review is rigorously evaluated and scrutinized by experts in the same field, ensuring that the research methods, data analysis, and conclusions are sound and valid.

2023_AI_Blog_03_24_2023AI can quickly analyze a large amount of data and identify patterns, however, AI models may not have access to sensitive data or be able to demonstrate how they arrived at a conclusion, making it challenging to understand or replicate the findings. In peer-reviewed research, the process, findings, and resources are documented, tested, and verified.

Many turbomachinery-specific applications require more nuanced interpretation. AI models lack the creativity and intuition of human researchers which limits their ability to generate novel hypotheses or insights.

When it comes to topics relating specifically to turbomachinery, propulsion, and high-speed rotating equipment, where inaccurate or unrepeatable research can have serious consequences, we recommend peer-reviewed research as a more credible and reliable source.

Here is a link https://rb.gy/szuf6k to 300+ places where Concepts NREC, our engineering team, or the Agile Engineering Design System® software have been mentioned in peer-reviewed research papers, articles, e-books, and journal proceedings published by the ASME (American Society for Mechanical Engineers).  

There you'll find peer-reviewed research papers on topics such as:

The engineering and technical staff at Concepts NREC are also strong contributors to published research on turbomachinery topics such as radial turbines, axial compressors, rocket turbo-pumps, power cycles, and manufacturing methods across many disciplines and sources. Access to a list of published technical papers is available on our website here https://rb.gy/nuaycx.

For more than 60 years, our staff of engineers and software designers have worked together with our customers and partners to improve and advance turbomachinery technology with reliable, repeatable, and safe solutions. If you have a turbomachinery engineering or design challenge, we have the experience and solutions to take your project to the next level. Contact us to start the conversation.

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