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VT Flood Update

By David Pincince, Business Development & Marketing Manager, Advanced Turbo Products
Jul 12, 2023

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Concepts NREC calls the great State of Vermont home, and we wanted to provide you with a quick update given the widespread news coverage of the recent flooding that has devastated our capital city as well as many small towns and communities across the state.

MicrosoftTeams-image (33)Our headquarters and manufacturing facility in White River Junction is roughly 150 feet above the level of the nearest riverbed and has not been affected. However, we can't say the same for all of our employees.  As floodwaters began to ebb yesterday, many have had to sift through flooded basements or travel in new ways as rural roads or bridges have been completely washed away.  

Businesses across the state have suffered devastating losses, and many residents are seeking temporary housing away from their flooded homes and towns where rescue missions are still taking place.

The National Guard and specialized water rescue teams have been mobilized, but this is New England and there has always been a spirit of "neighbor helping neighbor." This spirit is alive and well.
Here at Concepts NREC there is extra support, empathy, care, and a spirit of "friend helping friend" among our work family.  It isn't business as usual, but our work continues. High-precision impellers and complex housings are being machined in our advanced manufacturing center. The majority of our engineers and software developers work remotely and remain unhindered in their efforts. VAROC air dynamometers and advanced rocketry hardware are still being assembled and tested on-site.
This has been a hard week and it isn't over yet as rain continues to be forecast, but we are navigating it the best we can.
To all our customers and friends, thank you!  We appreciate your business and continued confidence in us. We are #VermontStrong.


Image credit WCAX TV, Burlington, Vermont.

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