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Concepts NREC and Euklid CAD/CAM AG announce a partnership for 5-axis Gear Machining CAM software

By Kate Guerrina
Apr 30, 2020

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White River Junction, VT, USA – April 30, 2020

Under the terms of the new agreement, Concepts NREC will resell and support EUKLID GearCAM, the world’s leading software for generating 5-axis machining toolpaths for gears in the North American and Chinese markets.  Concepts NREC is involved in all aspects of turbomachinery design and manufacturing.  In almost all turbomachinery applications there is a gearbox involved in the system, so it is a logical place for Concepts NREC to extend its expertise.  5-axis machining of gears is very similar to machining of impellers and blisks so much of Concepts NREC’s existing expertise will be useful to customers manufacturing gears.  According to Peter Weitzman, President of Concepts NREC’s software division “After a detailed review of the EUKLID GearCAM software we found it to be very well done, and complementary to our MAX-PAC software.  We are looking forward to serving gear machining customers in the same way that we have been helping turbomachinery machining customers for decades”.


According to Heribert Kaiser, member of the Board and Manager of Sales, “We have been looking for a partner for the North American and China markets for some time, and found Concepts NREC to already be experts on 5-axis machining and the ideal partner to represent EUKLID GearCAM in these markets”.


About Concepts NREC

For over 60 years, Concepts NREC has led the turbomachinery industry in design, testing, manufacturing, and CAE and CAM software. Our team is committed to providing solutions that help our clients perform better.  ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 certified.


About the Agile Engineering Design System

Concepts NREC’s Agile Engineering Design System® is a complementary suite of programs for Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) that covers the entire design process — from preliminary sizing through fluid dynamics and mechanical stress and vibration analysis. Final designs can be easily imported into our industry-leading CAM software, MAX-PAC™, to create efficient 5-axis machining strategies.


About Euklid CAD/CAM AG

Euklid CAD/CAM AG as a leading supplier in the field has more than 45 years of experience in the development of CAD/CAM systems and post processors. Euklid develops specialized applications, based on user requirements with the goal to produce solutions which are much faster, more comfortable and more efficient and therefore result in considerable cost savings. Euklid uses its expertise to achieve optimal results, which are free of compromises with respect to quality, comfort and complexity.

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