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Concepts NREC Releases v2022.1 of the Agile Engineering Design System Software Specialized for Turbomachinery

By Dr. Peter Weitzman, President of Agile Engineering Software
Jun 1, 2022

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New features for MAX-PAC, as well as an innovative, time-saving user interface for AXIAL, COMPAL and AxCent, including a new thermodynamic cycle solver!


White River Junction, VT, USA – June 1 , 2022 — Concepts NREC is pleased to announce the latest release of the Agile Engineering Design System®, an integrated suite of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software products specialized for turbomachinery

The CAE release debuts the new Fidelity user interface, a single, intuitive UI that includes COMPAL, AXIAL, AxCent and the newest addition to the product suite, CYCAL. CYCAL allows turbomachinery designers to complete cycle calculations in conjunction with meanline and 3D turbomachinery design. The seamless connection of CYCAL to other design products under Fidelity eliminates inefficient or manual data exchanges between cycle and turbomachinery design tools.


In addition to Fidelity and CYCAL, key updates to several legacy CAE products were also released. Users will see new capabilities, including improvements to secondary flow system design, as well as new design modes for impulse turbines of the type typically found in rocket engines. Gas turbine designers will benefit from new, more flexible design modes that allow direct specification of performance as well as improvements to importing of legacy geometry.


MAX-PAC™ 2022.1 has incorporated many new machining strategies and user interface improvements requested by our users. Already known for producing the smoothest toolpaths for turbomachinery parts, this latest release makes them even smoother by allowing the tool vector to be interpolated between passes, ensuring there are no large orientation changes between passes. Smooth toolpaths mean higher quality parts, less wear on tooling and machines, and shorter cycle times. A curve milling strategy was also designed and integrated to provide users increased flexibility. This solves key problems such as creating deburring paths on arbitrary edge shapes and making custom cutting patterns on a surface. The tool library also saw further improvements to help users manage cutting parameters and automatically calculate feedrate and spindle speed based on surface speed and chip load.


“The 2022.1 release is the culmination of several years of work on our new Fidelity interface and the cycle analysis tool, CYCAL” adds Dr. Peter Weitzman, President of Agile Engineering Software. “We are confident that our customers will benefit from the upgrade with increased productivity and reduced learning time for new users. MAX-PAC users will see many of the items they have requested from us now available in the software.”


Version 2022.1 is available now for active Agile Product Support (APS) members to download. To schedule a live demo or request a trial license, please contact


About Concepts NREC

For over 65 years, Concepts NREC has been a strategic partner to many of the world’s leading turbomachinery companies. We are the only company in the world that offers a complete in-house “Art to Part” solution from initial concept through design, manufacturing, testing and installation.

About the Agile Engineering Design System®

Concepts NREC’s Agile Engineering Design System® is a complementary suite of programs for Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) that covers the entire design process — from preliminary sizing through fluid dynamics and mechanical stress and vibration analysis. Final designs can be easily imported into our industry-leading CAM software, MAX-PAC™, to create efficient 5-axis machining strategies.


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