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MAX-PAC 2020 Software Release With Machine Simulator

By Kate Guerrina
Sep 21, 2020

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Machine Simulation is coming to MAX-PAC™!


Concepts NREC is pleased to announce that our next major release will support Machine Simulation. Our developers are hard at work putting the finishing touches on this powerful feature, with release planned for December 1, 2020. 


Machine Simulation completes our set of verification tools to eliminate guesswork, reduce on-machine testing, and avoid costly machine crashes. With Machine Simulation you will be able to


  • Easily launch Machine Simulation to supplement our existing simulator
  • Quickly make the initial setup of stock, nominal part, and fixture
  • Automatically transfer toolpath queue, tools, and holders to the simulator
  • Visualize motion of the machine
  • Check for collision of all moving parts
  • Monitor for axis limit overtravel
  • Verify fixture height suitability
  • Combine machine simulation with path plot and material removal simulation
  • Utilize new functions to analyze axis reversals, axis speeds, deviations, and more
  • Build and modify your own machine configurations

Machine Simulation will be an optional add-on MAX-PAC™. In addition, we will offer a service to set up your machines in the simulator based on models you provide.

We know that many of our users would like to begin using Machine Simulation as soon as it is available, so we are offering it at a discounted price, along with one free machine setup, if purchased by November 30. Also, any new purchase of MAX-PAC™ by November 30 will include Machine Simulation and one machine setup for no additional cost.

Please contact your regional sales manager for further details on how to take advantage of this offer while it lasts!




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