Advanced Diffuser & Volute Design Consortium

A Global Consortium

The seventh phase of the Advanced Centrifugal Pump and Compressor Consortium for Diffuser & Volute Design is focused on improving diffuser designs to exceed 80% energy recovery. Work is underway but there is still time to join. The program builds upon earlier consortium research and Concepts NREC’s own long history of innovative diffuser and volute design. The current Consortium phase consists of leading international sponsors from across the global turbomachinery industry.

The Mission

The Consortium seeks to develop advanced diffuser designs with improved energy recovery. It features a collaborative environment with a collegial exchange of shared talent and expertise among the sponsors.

Design Focus Areas

  • Rotor/diffuser interaction modeling
  • New performance prediction models
  • Classical diffusers
  • Continuous crossovers
  • Effects of coupling and geometry on impeller and diffuser performance

The Benefits

  • Cost-effective participation in cutting-edge R&D
  • Access to huge base of experimental data
  • Advanced modeling techniques for routine design
  • Exclusive access to research results
  • Association with diverse global manufacturers
  • Royalty-free licensing rights for IP

The current Advanced Diffuser & Volute Design Consortium consists of three two-year phases.  It builds on the phases already completed. If you’re looking for state-of-the-art diffuser design to increase your competitive edge, contact us for more information.

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Current sponsors include:


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