Design & Development

Your Total Turbomachinery Resource

Concepts NREC is your complete design and development resource for any type of rotating equipment. This includes specialized industrial, commercial, and military equipment incorporating centrifugal, mixed-flow, and axial compressors and pumps, radial-inflow and axial turbines, blowers, heat exchangers, and combustors.

The first step is to establish specific requirements and goals for performance, reliability, manufacturability, and cost. Then, using state- of-the-art engineering techniques and analysis tools, Concepts NREC engineers create a design to meet your project specifications. Our engineers can rapidly analyze alternative design approaches and provide vital insight into the interdependencies between hardware design and its operating requirements. We can then suggest improvements, develop new designs, supply retrofit components, or provide complete equipment solutions.

Aerodynamic, Hydraulic, and Mechanical Consulting Services

Engineering and production specialists can supply aerodynamic, hydraulic, and mechanical design services, provide CAD solid modeling, machine and test components, and build prototype machines and systems.

Advanced Turbomachinery Solutions for Improved and Emerging Green Energy Technologies

The world’s growing demand for renewable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly electricity is being provided by a broad and fragmented mix of green energy technologies. And virtually all refined, new, and proposed technologies for generating “green” electricity rely on improved designs for turbines, compressors, expanders, pumps, and fans to make them economically and environmentally viable. Solar, wind, hydro, tidal, wave, geothermal, and biomass energy resources require advanced turbomachinery designs to efficiently extract power from low-density flows, and to help justify the value proposition required for project success.

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