Fundamental Research 

Advancing Turbomachinery Technology

R&D programs are often initiated and sponsored by Concepts NREC to remain at the forefront of our core disciplines. Concepts NREC organizes technical meetings, participates in scientific conferences, encourages collaboration with the engineering community and academia, and offers participation in applied research programs in which sponsoring companies and organizations are encouraged to influence the program outcome.

SBIR Program

Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) projects are part of an exciting three-phase program sponsored by various U.S. government agencies. Each year these agencies release topics in published solicitations. Companies that qualify as small businesses, and are capable of both conducting research and development in these topics and commercializing the results, are allowed to submit proposals. Small companies can partner with larger businesses.


Concepts NREC is a very active participant in the SBIR program, with a focus on advancing turbomachinery technology. Major funding agencies have included the Air Force, Army, Navy, NASA, and NSF, among others. Past and ongoing SBIR projects include:


  • "Advanced Determination and Control of Steady and Dynamic Excitations for Turbopumps using Magnetic Bearings" - Phillips Laboratory, Propulsion Directorate
  • "High Pressure (100:1 pressure ratio) Compressor Using an Axial-Flow, Mixed-Flow, and Centrifugal Stage with Interstage and Discharge Cooling" - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
  • "Advanced Turbopump High Stage Loading, Enhanced Efficiency, and Reduced Part Count" - Edwards Air Force Base
  • "Low-Leakage Brush Seals for Rocket Turbopumps" - OLAC, Phillips Laboratory (AFMC)
  • "High-Head, Hydrogen Turbopump System" - Edwards Air Force Base
  • "Innovative Compressor Core Cooling Methods" - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


  • "System for Detection, Measurement, and Avoidance of High Cycle Fatigue in Turbine Engines"  Phase 1
  • "Reduced Diameter Centrifugal Compressor Diffuser Investigation" - Naval Air Propulsion Center
  • "System for Detection, Measurement, and Avoidance of High Cycle Fatigue in Turbine Engines" - Air Warfare Center (NAWCAD) Phase 2


  • "Modern Design and Engineering Education in the Agile Engineering World"
  • "An Integrated CAD Package for Rapid Design and Analysis of Optoelectronic Components"
  • "Design-Based Developments for Pump Cavitation Control"
  • "Advanced Turbulence Model for Transitional and Rotational Flows in Turbomachinery"


  • "Improved Throttleability for High-Head Pumps" - George C. Marshall Space Flight Center
  • "Dynamic Clearance Control Systems for Axial Compressors" - Lewis Research Center
  • "Integrated Turbopump Design System for Improved Performance and Reduced Cost" - George C. Marshall Space Flight Center
  • "Impulse Feedback-Based Health Management System for Aircraft Engine Systems" - Dryden Flight Research Center
  • "Automatic Optimization of Engine Component Design Through Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms" - Lewis Research Center
  • "Design-Based Development for Pump Cavitation" - George C. Marshall Space Flight Center

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