Concepts NREC Knows Turbochargers

We have broad experience working on automotive, truck, train, and marine vessel turbochargers. 

Turbochargers are being applied to more and more engines because they enable higher power densities, which means manufacturers can use smaller engines for improved fuel economy. This downsizing and boosting strategy produces a higher level of torque at low engine speeds. Then the powertrain's transmission ratios can be altered to run the engine at lower engine speeds. Downspeeding, as it is called, reduces the overall fuel consumption and COemissions.

Concepts NREC offers a complete solution for the most challenging issues, including range extension, increased efficiency and engine matching. Our Agile Engineering Design System® software is used by major OEMs, including BorgWarner, Daimler, and Volvo to design their world-class turbochargers.

Our MAX-PAC CAM software is used by major manufacturers worldwide to create efficient tooling paths that ensure optimized manufacturability - saving them time and money on their high production parts.

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Concepts NREC Turbocharger Technical Papers:

Development of A Meanline Model for Preliminary Design Of Recirculating Casing Treatment In Turbocharger Compressors
Presented At: ASME Turbo Expo 2018

A Novel Non-Radial Turbocharger Turbine Created Using Numerical Optimisation
Presented At: National Laboratory of Engine Turbocharging Technology of China 2016

Designing Turbochargers with an Integrated Design System
Presented At: ASME Turbo Expo 2013

Turbocharging the Internal Combustion Engine (Presentation Slides) 
Presented At: ASME Turbo Expo 2013

Aero Design Challenges in Wide-Operability Turbocharger Centrifugal Compressors
Presented At: SAE World Congress 2012

Meanline Modeling of Ported Shroud Turbocharger Compressor
Presented At: ASME Turbo Expo 2012

Experimental and Computational Analysis of Impact of Self Recirculation Casing Treatment on Turbocharger Compressor
Presented At: SAE World Congress 2010

Modeling and Manufacturing of Turbocharger Compressors 
Presented At: SAE World Congress 2010

Radial and Mixed Flow Turbine Options for High Boost Turbochargers
Presented At: 7th International Conference on Turbochargers and Turbocharging

Turbocharger Blogs:

Splitter Design for Radial Compressors  - Video Blog 

Getting Something for Nothing - Extending Compressor Operating Range Without and Efficiency Penalty

Vibration and Resonance Issues in Turbomachines

Multidisciplinary Optimization of Turbocharger Turbine with Non-Radial Blades for Two Operating Points

Turbocharger Market – Is There Room for Growth?

Designing Turbomachinery with Optimization – Better Designs in Less Time

Optimization of Cycle Parameters, Fuel Consumption, and Weight of a Turboshaft Engine Using 1D Design Tools

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Turbocharger Case Studies: