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2020 Software Release Feature Highlight: Axial Design in AxCent®

By Steve Kohr, Associate Director, CAE Product Management
Oct 16, 2020

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AxCent® has long been recognized as the premier 3D design software for turbomachinery components.


Our development team has spent much of 2020 focusing on several new capabilities within the axial context of AxCent®. These developments have included new methods of defining blade sections, the ability to convert between blade definitions, the addition of drooped edges, and applying our CAD importing tools to axial machines, among many others. These enhancements to our flagship product will allow a designer more freedom in designing axial machinery, options for starting from legacy designs, as well as advanced design features that will push the boundaries of performance more than ever before!




Look for these, and other additional features when Concepts NREC releases the newest versions of our products on December 1, 2020.


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