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Increased Milling Capability and Capacity for Large 5-Axis Impellers

By Sean McDermott
Aug 30, 2019

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Concepts NREC has added two additional Hermle 5-axis mills in our shop, and we’re excited 

about the increased capabilities these new machines bring! In August of 2018 we received the 

first of these mills, a 2018 Hermle C52uMT.  Just recently, in May of 2019, we added a Hermle C42u

Hermle C42U

In addition to these new, state-of-the-art 5-axis Hermle mills, our shop utilizes a Mikron HSM600U, good for parts up to ~13” in diameter; a Hermle C40, which can mill parts up to ~20” in diameter, and a Mitsui Seiki HS5A-80, which can handle larger parts, up to ~32” in diameter.  We now have a full range of  5-axis mills capable of producing the most challenging parts from >1 inch up to over 39 inches in diameter.  

The new C52uMT is incredibly fast and versatile. It can position workpieces up to 4400 pounds at speeds up to 60m/min and acceleration of 6m/s^2 with exceptional precision. This machine also combines the 5-axis milling and turning operations traditionally performed on separate mills and lathes into one machine. It can turn workpieces with horizontal, vertical, or even dynamic table orientations at speeds up to 500 rpm.  This capability enables us to produce the most challenging designs with minimal dimensional variation while eliminating the additional costs associated with using multiple machines.

Herlme C52 uMT

Hermle has earned a reputation for producing the best 5-axis mills available.  These fast, rigid, and precise machines, combined with our MAX-PAC™ CAM software, enable us to machine the most challenging parts accurately and quickly. We routinely hit tolerances under 0.001” (a human hair or a piece of paper is about 0.004” thick) in a wide variety of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and Inconel. 

Our team is excited to leverage these new machines to provide our customers with exceptional accuracy and greatly reduced cycle times. Please contact us and give us the opportunity to quote your next order!

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