Industry Applications



Concepts NREC's history in aerospace dates back to the 1950's, when Northern Research and Engineering Corporation (NREC) designed and built a miniature high-speed pump for the Instrumentation Lab at MIT to be used on guidance systems for missiles and spacecraft.  We also developed compact heat-exchanger software for the Apollo space program and, subsequently, for the space shuttle. NREC also helped develop environmental cooling and heating control systems for the F-108 fighter and the B-70 bomber.

We have continued to develop our expertise in the field, and now we have designed and manufactured a rocket pump for a space launch.  The pump was manufactured using advanced additive manufacturing (3D printing) techniques for lower costs and fast development and delivery.

Concepts NREC is also very proud to provide state-of-the-art turbopumps to support United Launch Alliance (ULA)'s next-generation Vulcan Centaur rocket.

Case Studies

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