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CAE/CAM Software

Concepts NREC design software is compatible with all commercial design packages.

Agile Engineering Design System®

Developed at Concepts NREC, this is the only commercially available turbomachinery design system that encompasses and integrates the complete engineering process through a complementary suite of tools and programs for computer-aided engineering (CAE) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). Integrated elements of the system include preliminary design and detailed design, plus sophisticated analyses that include rapid CFD and FEA. The system also offers best-in-class, specialized 5-axis machining software, automated optimization, and a smooth transfer of data to CAD packages.

In addition to proprietary software, Concepts NREC partners with other technology developers to offer state-of-the-art tools for cycle performance analysis, stress analysis, MDO (Multi Disciplinary Optimization) procedures, and smooth interaction with CAD packages.

Advanced Agile software tools for turbomachinery components and systems incorporate specialized methodologies and application experience for easy integration with the user’s enterprise framework.

  • Leverage the strength of product life cycle management (PLM) solutions.
  • Solutions integrate CAE/CAM tools with process management and manufacturing.
  • Simulate virtual performance, reliability, durability, and lowest-cost production.
  • Build, test, and refine the actual product based on standards and best practices.
  • Accelerate development to best capture opportunities for market success.
  • Predict product behavior for PLM, quality assurance, and process certification.
  • A growing knowledge base drives rapid innovation and best-in-class products.
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