Concepts NREC’s pbPost™ product was created to provide designers a turbomachinery-specific pre- and post-processing tool to link our flagship 3D design product, AxCent®, and our partner NUMECA International’s FINE™ CFD products.


There have long been challenges in using structured and unstructured grids together in a CFD analysis. This is most prevalent in turbomachinery design when including a volute in the full stage analysis. In many cases, the volute geometry was difficult to generate and grid automatically with a set of default values. This led to the need for repairing the grid directly within FINE™/Open. Until now, the designer would be left with the only option being to move forward in FINE™/Open with that specific design.


The new developments allow for the repaired unstructured volute grid to be imported back into the AxCent® software. This feature will allow a designer to complete more design studies on the rotor and stator design while holding that volute design constant, providing a more accurate simulation, a better understanding of the full stage performance, and the ability to drive critical design selections for all components to ensure design requirements are achieved.



pbPost_NUMECA Integration Improvements_v.3.1



Look for these, and other additional features when Concepts NREC releases the newest versions of our products on December 1, 2020.


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