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Intuitive Postprocessor

Concepts NREC's pbPost is a pushbutton postprocessing module that enables NUMECA International's FINE™/Turbo to be launched from within the AxCent® environment.

pbPost-forward -  launching button.jpg

It can also import the CFD results generated by FINE/Turbo back into the AxCent viewing environment.

pbPost-backward - final results - axial.jpg

For current NUMECA users, pbPost offers an easily configured alternative to their current postprocessing experience that eliminates the step of loading geometry.  For current Pushbutton CFD users, pbPost offers a familiar way to view and manipulate CFD results from FINE/Turbo.

pbPost Forward gridding topology and launched Axial.jpg

Optimized for a Turbomachinery Designer

pbPost saves designers the time they might spend loading geometry, applying boundary conditions, gridding and configuring solvers inside a second interface. It just requires a click of a mouse.

Bringing the FINE/Turbo results back into AxCent delivers a designer-centric view of the analysis that doesn't require any navigation. The tools are familiar and intuitive and focused on what turbomachinery designers need.

 pbPost-forward - viewing grid - axial.jpg

pbPost-forward - FINE-Turbo solving - axial.jpg

pbPost-forward - slicing grid - axial.jpg

Outcome of a Strong Partnership

The pbPost module is part of the long-term vision that NUMECA International and Concepts NREC share to bring together the best-in-class turbomachinery design tools and the fastest and most accurate CFD suite. By combining the best capabilities of both companies, customers will have access to the most advanced suite of turbomachinery software available. Our integrated solution spans preliminary design through detailed 3D steady and unsteady CFD analysis.

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