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7 Turbomachinery Themed Valentine’s Day Cards – Which is Your Favorite?

By Barbara Shea
Feb 8, 2019

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Valentine’s Day is February 14, and while some cynics refer to it as a “Hallmark holiday”, most people commemorate the day in some way. One of the biggest challenges is finding a card that perfectly captures the way you feel about someone, while also reflecting who you are.  Well, Concepts NREC has created some turbomachinery-themed Valentine’s Day cards for engineers. These fall into the Art end of our Art-to-Part Solution.


So, let’s start off with something colorful. Are you in the automotive industry? Perhaps trying to design new turbochargers with increased range; or looking at how to manufacture them more efficiently? Here is a bright red card that encapsulates how that special someone makes you feel.


Valentines Day Card_turbocharger themed



Or perhaps you are looking for something a little punny. This one is perfect for engineers who work with axial turbines or compressors on propulsion, power generation, turboshaft engines, or use our preliminary design tool AXIAL.


Valentines Day Card_Axial a question-3



No? Too punny and not enough funny? This one is for our customers in the HVAC, mining and petrochemical industries. It also works if you have an animal lover in your life. Sorry, I don't have the cubic feet per minute stats on the fan, we usually work on more industrial versions. Although Dyson uses our CAE software to design some of their products.  

 Valentines Day Card_biggest fan-1


Not a dog person? No worries, we have more! This next one is designed for all you hardware lovers in the aviation industry. You know who you are. What works better together than the compressors and turbines in jet engines? And what better way to express to your significant other that you are perfectly matched?



Valentines Day Card_jet engine-1



Looking for something a little softer, more romantic? This one features a tie-in to a love song that won Song of the Year from 1989, was featured in the movie, "Beaches", and sung by the very talented “Divine Miss M”, Bette Milder. Oddly enough, it is also a very popular song at funerals. Go figure.


 Valentines Day Card-Wind beneath Wings-1


Not everyone likes to get all sentimental and mushy. How about a classic heart-shaped box of candy? This box of chocolates doesn’t have boring square caramels, or those football-shaped masses of sickeningly-sweet creams that everyone throws away. This one has 5-axis machined integrally shrouded impellers. Your Valentine will be impressed because those bad boys are really hard to make, even when you use the best CAM software in the industry. The folks in our machine shop are amazing because dark chocolate is way softer than Inconel, titanium, or aluminum. 


Valentines Day Card_chocolate impellers-2


Is cake more your style? Do you work in refrigeration, or oil & gas? Here is a card that features a cool splitter-less swirl of chocolate buttercream and riffs on a saying often found on those painted wood signs that have become so ubiquitous. We are still working on designing a bakery box shaped like a volute. We spent too much time improving the shape of volutes in our v8.7 release of our AxCent® 3D geometry module of our Agile Engineering Design Software®


Valentines Day Card_radial compressor icing-1


See something you like? You can right-click the cards above and copy/paste them into an email to send, like cupid’s arrow, towards the one you love.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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