CAE Software for Preliminary Design


CAE Software for Axial Compressors and Turbines

A meanline design and analysis tool for multistage axial turbomachinery including compressors, gas, steam, and hydraulic turbines, and pumps. AXIAL™ supports design-point and off-design analysis for subsonic and supersonic designs through an advanced pressure- based formulation. Other AXIAL features include:
  • Estimate of hub and tip flow parameters
  • Evaluation of compressor stall and choking conditions for both compressors and turbines
  • Design analysis of multiple choked and stalled components, along with mass flow, pressure ratio, and power
  • Setup of an arbitrary sequence of stage elements (rotor, stator, duct, IGV, EGV, etc.)

Loss Modeling

AXIAL's state-of-the-art loss modeling system allows for the independent selection of loss models by blade row and loss split by loss component (i.e., profile, secondary flow, partial admission, wetness losses, and more). Industry-standard loss models are included for turbines.
  • Ainley-Mathieson
  • Dunham-Came
  • Kacker-Okapuu
  • Moustapha-Kacker
Loss models are included for compressors.
  • Koch & Smith
  • Wright & Miller

Real Fluid Thermodynamics

Real Fluid thermodynamics are integral to AXIAL, which includes built-in support for perfect and semiperfect fluid properties. Real Fluid properties are provided through several different fluid databases including DB Robinson Real Fluid Properties, NIST, and ASME Steam. AXIAL also supports condensed gases, user-modifiable fluid properties, and the barotropic fluid thermodynamic model.

User-Friendly Features

AXIAL includes a flexible user-friendly interface and built-in performance mapping. Context-sensitive help is included for each parameter in each table cell. HTML help is also available.

Graphical and Tabular View of Results

AXIAL utilizes integrated performance map plotting. Users can view blade angles and velocity triangles at the rotor inlet and exit, as well as view results in a flexible spreadsheet-like table view. Tables are customizable through separate filters, with the user able to create any number of filters, select what to display, and customize the labels as well.

OLE Automation Support

Users can control AXIAL from an external program by means of Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) automation. OLE automation supports the full control of data entry, program execution, and result retrieval. External programs can be written in Visual Basic, C++, FORTRAN, or any other language that supports the Microsoft® OLE standard.

Integration with AxCent®

AxCent files can be started from within AXIAL, with the initial geometry and flow parameters transferred automatically to AxCent for blade shaping/stacking, blade-to-blade analysis, throughflow analysis, and further transfer to CFD and FEA programs. The user can also update the AXIAL solution from AxCent, transferring the more complete geometry from AxCent back to the meanline model.

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