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Using FINE™/Turbo for CFD Analysis in AxCent®

By Daryl L. Bonhaus
May 12, 2017

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In May of 2016, Concepts NREC and NUMECA International announced a strategic partnership to combine their products to provide a comprehensive turbomachinery design and analysis system. In November of 2016, Concepts NREC released version 8.5 of its Agile Engineering Design System, the first version to integrate NUMECA's FINE/Turbo product for CFD analysis. Geometry and boundary-condition data specified in AxCent are automatically passed to FINE/Turbo to set up the CFD calculation. Many of the FINE/Turbo grid generation parameters and solver settings are provided in the AxCent interface to allow a CFD calculation to be set up and run without leaving the AxCent application.

Customers who are familiar with the Pushbutton CFD product will find that not much will change in their workflows when using FINE/Turbo, while customers familiar with FINE/Turbo should find that they also can continue using their present workflows, but can now leverage the automation afforded by AxCent.

The chart below shows the results of running a speed line using both Pushbutton CFD and FINE/Turbo on a one-stage axial compressor. Both sets of results were set up and run from AxCent with no need to make any adjustments in the FINE/Turbo user interface. The performance data were copied from AxCent to Excel to produce the chart. The Pushbutton CFD and FINE/Turbo flow solvers show excellent agreement.

AxCent Single Stage Axial Compressor.jpg

Watch this blog for more updates as Concepts and NUMECA continue to integrate their products to allow modelling of increasingly complex geometries and flows.

Tags: CAE Software, CFD

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