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Concepts NREC and NUMECA International Announce Exclusive Distribution Rights in China for Software Products

By Barbara Shea
Mar 17, 2017

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White River Junction, VT, USA and Brussels, Belgium March 21, 2017 Concepts NREC and NUMECA International are pleased to announce that NUMECA China, as a subsidiary of NUMECA International, has been named the exclusive legal distributor for Concepts NREC’s FINE/Agile and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) modules to designated accounts throughout mainland China. The software modules covered by this agreement include COMPAL®, PUMPAL®, RITAL, AxCent®, FANPAL, AXIAL and CTAADS.  Similarly, CN China is authorized to sell certain CAE software products of NUMECA’s into turbomachinery-related applications.


Concepts NREC and NUMECA International became global strategic partners in 2016 to offer their combined capabilities to the turbomachinery industry. Concepts NREC is well known for its Agile Engineering Design System® design modules for all classes of turbomachinery. NUMECA International is globally recognized for its leadership in turbomachinery-specific Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). By combining the best capabilities of both companies, customers will have access to the most advanced suite of turbomachinery software available anywhere.


FINE/Agile, the first product developed by the two companies, integrates Concepts NREC’s preliminary design tools with NUMECA International’s FINE/Turbo & FINE/Open CFD analysis modules. It is available for compressors, pumps, fans or turbines.


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