We are pleased to share that NASA's 2021 SBIR Program Phase I Selections include Dr. Dimitri Deserranno's proposal for an Integrated Brayton Cryocooler for LOx and LH2 Applications. Liquefaction of cryogenic propellant is a critical component of future exploration efforts, currently pursued within the Artemis program. Leveraging our existing Brayton cryocooler developments, we anticipate this program to lead to a significant increase in the cooling capacity of space-based cryocoolers. The increase in cooling capacity, combined with the integration of LOx and LH2 refrigeration capabilities, will allow NASA and its prime contractors to conduct ISRU and ZBO operations in orbit, on the moon and on Mars.


Memo of Understanding Designates NUMECA as Sole Reseller for CAE Software through the end of 2022

White River Junction, VT, USA – May 21, 2018Concepts NREC, the world’s leading turbomachinery software, design, development, testing and manufacturing company is delighted to announce it has signed a Memo of Understanding (MOU) with NUMECA International regarding software sales in China. The memo designates NUMECA China as the sole reseller for Concepts NREC’s industry-leading Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) software through at least 2022.


White River Junction, VT, USA and Brussels, Belgium March 21, 2017 Concepts NREC and NUMECA International are pleased to announce that NUMECA China, as a subsidiary of NUMECA International, has been named the exclusive legal distributor for Concepts NREC’s FINE/Agile and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) modules to designated accounts throughout mainland China. The software modules covered by this agreement include COMPAL®, PUMPAL®, RITAL, AxCent®, FANPAL, AXIAL and CTAADS.  Similarly, CN China is authorized to sell certain CAE software products of NUMECA’s into turbomachinery-related applications.