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Concepts NREC has been developing rocket turbopump technology and hardware for over 35 years for NASA and the US Air Force as well as for private launch companies. This advanced level R&D work backs our strong reputation in the area of high performance and wide range/high throttleability turbopumps, and has established Concepts NREC as a premier resource of rocket turbopumps for a range of applications.  See a list of our rocket turbopump SBIR Projects.


Our experience with rocket turbopumps falls into three areas: Design/Test, Software, and Manufacturing.  

Design/Test – Concepts NREC has extensive design experience for conventional turbine driven rocket turbopumps as well as e-pumps (electric motor-driven pumps), propulsion pumps, and hydraulic turbopumps for rocket flight controls.                                                            

E-pump, motor-driven cryogenic pump for propulsion applicationsMotor driven cryogenic propellant pump

Pogo test rig for rockets at Concepts NRECIn-house magnetic bearing based pump test loop for axial and radial thrust measurement, rotor dynamic, transfer function, cavitation, and hydrodynamic performance testing of rocket turbopumps


We cover all aspects of pump design, including wide range and throttleability, as well as ultra high suction specific speeds, design for manufacturing and assembly, and design/fabrication using additive manufacturing. Concepts NREC also has some very unique capabilities with respect to testing of pump impellers and inducers (see above left image of pump test loop). See a list of rocket turbopump R&D Programs in which we have been involved.

   Stable wide flow range inducers and extremely high Nss inducers

Software Concepts NREC is the leading developer and supplier of advanced turbomachinery CAE and CAM design software. The Agile™ Engineering System package of meanline code and blade geometry-generating code for radial and axial turbo pumps are offered at entry, advanced, and expert level packages, with options for specialized fluid libraries and product add-ons.

rtp screenshot MRA

Our specialized turbomachinery software is powerful and accurate, proven throughout more than 35 years of development, calibration, and extensive use in cutting-edge rocket turbopump designs. See links for more background on our engineering design and design software capability

Manufacturing – Concepts NREC is experienced in the manufacturing of rocket turbopump components and entire turbopump assemblies. We are currently producing rocket turbopumps for major launch companies as well as newer launch start-ups. In addition to traditional turbine driven pumps, we also offer an e-pump product for smaller thrust category engines. For more information about our rocket turbopump and e-pump manufacturing and production capability, click here

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your specific e-pump design or manufacturing needs.

Diffuser_Family_DSC_0261_5WHT                        image-png-Nov-10-2020-07-32-06-16-PM

Advanced machining of inducers, impellers, diffusers, crossovers, return channels using aerospace super alloys


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