Rocket Turbopumps

Conventional Rocket Turbopumps


Conventional rocket turbopumps use a turbine driven pump for pumping and pressurizing both fuels and oxidizers. Concepts NREC has extensive experience in the design of rocket turbopumps and turbopump components.  We manufacture these components as well as complete rocket turbopump assemblies and systems for research or production applications.

We can design a rocket turbopump to your specifications, develop, test, and manufacture the pump in production quantities. We support development testing for both hydrodynamic as well as mechanical components.  

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E-pumps image-png-Oct-23-2020-06-15-36-62-PM

Electric driven pumps, often called e-pumps, are becoming more popular for smaller sized rocket propulsion in situations where launch system cost and simplicity are of paramount importance.  E-pump design considerations include optimum suction performance, efficiency, weight and cost. 

We have an e-pump prototype which has been tested with several propellants and can be customized to run a wide range of head/flow conditions. The pump can be modified with alternate bearings and seals for non-cryogenic service. 

This e-pump prototype is currently being used by several clients in development projects for aerospace applications and for cryogenic service in space.

Why e-pumps?

  • Simplifies the pump
  • No hot turbine
  • Speed match between the pump and turbine no longer a concern
  • Easier to control the pump speed, and hence where the pump operates
  • Eliminates large temperature gradients between the hot turbine and cold pump
  • Simplifies the engine
  • At current battery energy/power density levels, e-pumps make sense for smaller engines (5-10K lbf thrust)

Concepts NREC has been active in the e-pump arena for 10 years with prior in-depth experience researching and developing conventional rocket turbopumps.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your specific rocket turbopump or e-pump design or manufacturing needs.

Concepts NREC is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 certified and committed to providing our customers with products and services that meet international quality standards.