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v2202.0 Software Release Highlight: Improvements for Designing and Analyzing Drilled Nozzles

The latest release of the Agile Engineering Design System v2202.0, brings a streamlined system for the design and analysis of drilled nozzles from AXIAL to AxCent to pbPost through CFD. See the feature demonstration in the video tour below.

Version 2022.0 is available now for active Agile Product Support (APS) members by emailing To schedule a live demo or request a trial license, please contact

Drilled Nozzle - Feature Highlight


The future of turbomachinery design is here!

Concepts NREC is happy to announce that the transition of our design tools to the OMNIS platform is well underway! AXIAL™, our axial turbine and compressor meanline design and analysis product, has already made the transition. In addition, much of the axial context of our flagship 3-D design product, AxCent®, has also been migrated to this new platform.

OMNIS will empower turbomachinery designers by leveraging the power of Concepts NREC and Cadence/NUMECA design & analysis tools to push the boundaries of performance and durability, all in a single interface.

OMNIS 2020 release-1


The Agile Engineering Design System®, the world's best design software  specialized for turbomachinery, is continuously refined through a rigorous development process. The process incorporates the most recent test data and the latest theoretical advances to aid in the design, analysis, and manufacturing of pumps, compressors, turbines, turbochargers, blowers, and fans.

Agile Engineering software chart NEW 2021-2

These sophisticated software tools empower designers and product development teams worldwide and enable innovative solutions by applying a cost-effective concurrent development approach that balances issues of performance, reliability, operating life, and low-cost manufacturability.

Preliminary Design

Our preliminary design suite uses a meanline approach to rapidly size and analyze single or multistage machines. Each specialized module features a design wizard that leads users through the process. Our preliminary design software modules for turbomachinery design are:

  • COMPAL® - Radial and mixed-flow compressors
  • COMPALPUMPAL® - Centrifugal, mixed-flow, and axial pumps
  • RITAL™- Radial and mixed-flow turbines
  • FANPAL™ - Axial, radial, or mixed-flow fans for single and multiple stages
  • AXIAL™ - Multistage axial compressors and gas, steam, and hydraulic turbines

Detailed Design

Our detailed design software modules provide well-defined 3D geometry for rotating and stationary blade rows and associated flow paths and structures. We offer the following detailed design modules for turbomachinery:

  • AxCent® - Detailed 3D geometric design and rapid 2D flow PBCFD
    analysis of single and multistage axial and radial turbomachinery
  • FINE/pbCFD™ and FINE™/Turbo - Specialized 3D flow analysis that provides advanced CFD through our partnership with Cadence/NUMECA.
  • PbPost™ - Pushbutton post-processing module that enables FINE™/Turbo to be launched from within the AxCent® environment. It can also import the FINE/Turbo CFD results back into the AxCent viewing environment.
  • Pushbutton FEA™ - Specialized 3D FEA analysis with highly automated preprocessing and postprocessing functions

Specialized Design

  • CTAADS™ - Cooled Turbine Airfoil Agile Design System for TurboOPTIIadvanced 3D modeling of cooling systems for axial turbine vanes and blades
  • TurboOPT II™ - Holistic optimizer and stress analysis
  • Dyrobes™ - Modeling dynamics of rotor bearing systems
  • GasTurb™ - Simulated gas turbine performance


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