CAE Software for Specialized Design


GasTurb™ CAE Software for Cycle Analysis

GasTurb™ is a powerful and flexible gas turbine cycle program that simulates the most important gas turbine configurations used for propulsion or power generation. It simplifies the tasks that performance engineers encounter most frequently with a user-friendly interface that presents information in both easy to understand lists as well as graphically.

  • Intuitive Task-Oriented User Interface                 
  • Predefined Configurations           
  • Versatile Graphical Output           
  • Adaptable Models                                       
  • Detailed Manuals

Single-seat commercial or academic licenses of GasTurb 14 or GasTurb 14 Laboratory are available for online purchase below.  For purchase of any other GasTurb product, or for floating or site licenses, please contact us.

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