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TurboOPT II™

Concepts NREC’s TurboOPT IITM product was created to provide designers a link between Concepts NREC meanline and 3D design products and 3rd party optimization products. The use of optimization in the design process allows designers to push the boundaries of performance by completing analysis on hundreds, or even thousands, of designs within a given set of design parameters.

Recent new developments allow for the use of pre-set templates in both COMPAL® and AxCent® products. The templates that have been created include the first order design inputs and the critical outputs that should be used in compressor optimization. This will streamline the optimization process by removing the need to select from the hundreds of options that are available. In addition, the duplicate feature allows for simple “copy/paste” of these templates, or any set of parameters and/or outputs, which will save time in setting up a multi-stage optimization. The addition of these features will streamline the optimization process, making optimization more “pushbutton” than ever before.

TurboOPT ll™ for Holistic Optimization and Stress Analysis

TurboOPT II enables the designer to achieve an optimal design quickly, based on: lowest cost, lightest weight, highest performance, longest life, or any combination of these. TurboOPT ll provides optimization across every module in the Agile Engineering Design System with a flexible user interface, and performance maps for each variable.

Optimization workflows can be set up in minutes using turbomachinery specific parameters, where achieving this same type of optimization using generic (non-turbomachinery specific) software would be tedious and prone to errors. Users also have the option of using the built-in optimization algorithms or choosing from any of the well-known third party optimization systems.

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