CAE Software for Specialized Design


CAE Software for Blade Cooling

The Cooled Turbine Airfoil Agile Design System (CTAADS) provides a systematic and rapid 3D modeling approach to cooling-system design for cooled axial turbine vanes and blades. The system includes many special features that can significantly reduce the total time and cost to generate airfoil cooling-passage geometry and perform a complete 3D thermal analysis.

  • Integrated suite of independent software modules
  • Efficient data transfer and sharing
  • Complete 3D thermal analysis including film holes, impingement holes, trailing edge exit slots, pedestals, and thermal barrier coating
  • 3D airfoil model represented with geometric finite elements
  • Fast finite difference thermal solver 
  • User-defined pressure loss and heat-transfer correlations (for internal cooling airflow model)
  • User-defined film effectiveness curves
Basic System Components
    • Airfoil core and 3D solid-model generation
    • Automatic 3D mesh generation
    • Internal cooling airflow model
    • External airfoil boundary conditions
    • Film effectiveness
    • Automatic boundary conditions mapping
    • Steady-state thermal analysis
    • Post processing
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