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CAM Software for Turbomachinery

Based on decades of experience and incorporating several patented methodologies, MAX-PAC™ has long been recognized as the best software for 5-axis milling of turbomachinery impellers, blisks, and rotors. MAX-PAC is used worldwide by turbomachinery manufacturers, job shops, and 5-axis machine-tool manufacturers who are passionate about producing the highest-quality parts.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Manufacturing turbomachinery components is often a challenge due to hard materials, thin blades, tight tolerances, smooth surface- finish requirements, or difficult tool access. Concepts NREC’s MAX-PAC CAM software was built from the ground up to address these challenges. MAX-PAC enables users to produce high-quality components in less time and at lower cost. Compared to other general CAM tools, MAX-PAC is faster to learn, easier to use, and requires less programming and machining time. Its choice of cutting strategies ensures that each client has a solution tailored to their specific milling requirements. The most important attribute of MAX-PAC, however, is its ability to produce higher-quality turbomachinery components.

MAX-PAC Advantages

  • Specialized for turbomachinery production
  • Easy and fast to learn
  • Supports a broad selection of tool geometries
  • Faster machining times with optimized cutting strategies
  • Smooth 5-axis toolpaths for high-speed milling
  • Collision-free toolpaths for difficult geometries
  • Superior surface finish and tight tolerances using a patented flank- or point-milling approach
  • Produces high-quality parts that don’t require hand finishing or other reworking

MAX-PAC Add-On Modules

MAX-PAC offers several different add-on modules that are focused on specific milling needs. You can purchase any combination of modules to meet your specific machining requirements.

Customer Testimonial

I have found MAX-PAC by Concepts NREC to be an exceptionally powerful and yet easy to use CAM software for demonstrating our MAZAK 5 Axis machines.   Time was limited leading up to IMTS 2016 so I needed something easy to learn yet powerful enough to make it look easy and MAX-PAC fit the bill perfectly.  MAX-PAC does everything for me, it helps me spec the correct tool form, it provides optimized and easily adjustable 5 Axis toolpath for both rough and finish and it provides simulated toolpath.  Most of the details of steering a tool around the blade are automated for clearance and stroke limits yet easily adjustable to optimize finish.  Blending the radius at the hub perfectly highlights the precision of my machine as the blends look great.  It's easy to tell this software was made by people who know how to make a blisk.  Cutting a blisk for a demo has become a relatively quick and easy task, giving us an excellent tool for highlighting the capabilities of our MAZAK 5 Axis machines.

Robin Cave, Applications Engineer
Mazak Corporation

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