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3+2 Roughing


Roughing Strategy for MAX-PAC™ 

Concepts NREC's optional 3+2 Roughing Module enables roughing out of impellers using 3-axis algorithms, keeping a constant tool vector. This strategy optimizes the toolpath to provide constant cutting load, making it suitable for high speed machining. This is extremely helpful for large (>0.5 m) diameter impellers and/or hard materials where roughing using the 5-axis strategies of MAX-PAC is less efficient.


  • Achieve faster roughing using 3-axis toolpaths at an arbitrary angle (3+2)
  • Provides consistent cutting conditions enabling greater feed rates as well as longer tool and machine life.
  • Helical entry provides smooth engagement of the cutter and eliminates the need for drilling
  • Save 5-axis machining time by performing roughing operations on 3-axis machines
  • Save programming time by calculating roughing toolpaths together with finish toolpaths in the same software package on the same geometry
  • Reduce software costs by eliminating the need for a separate package to calculate 3+2 roughing toolpathsThree views of 3+2 Roughing Module for MAX-PAC CAM software


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