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Cutter Path Generation for 5-axis Point Milling of Turbomachinery Components

MAX-AB creates 5-axis CNC machining instructions for point milling of turbomachinery components with arbitrary (free-form) blade surfaces. Typical applications include axial compressors and turbines, pumps, compressors, turbochargers, radial-inflow turbines, and inducers.

MAX-AB emphasizes smooth machining instructions that are compatible with high-speed milling applications. MAX-AB is generally applied to the class of components that are designed with arbitrary surfaces, but it can also be used with a high-speed milling process for ruled-surface components. MAX-AB is particularly suited to today’s CFD-influenced blade shapes that can be difficult or impossible to cut with other general CAM systems.

MAX-AB includes advanced capabilities for roughing, plunge milling, hub finish, point-milled blade finish, leading edge, fillet finish, and tip milling.

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