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MAX-5™ Flank Milling

CAM Software for Flank Milling

MAX-5 creates 5-axis CNC machining instructions for flank milling of ruled-surface turbomachinery components. Typical applications include parts for centrifugal compressors, pumps, inducers, fans, turbochargers, stators, radial-inflow turbines, expanders, and torque converters.

Flank Milling Optimization

With MAX-5’s patented algorithm, dramatic cost savings can be realized using ruled-surface designs and production with a flank-milling process. Flank milling efficiently finishes the entire blade surface with one pass using the side of the cutter. Our algorithm analyzes and assesses the deviation for each blade and compensates for it to produce parts that meet very tight tolerances.  The pictures below show views inside the tool to better view the reduced deviation:

MAX-5 Deviation Reduction for Flank Milling

Compared to other CAM systems, MAX-5 is often capable of generating flank milling toolpaths with an 80% to 90% error reduction with one pass on each side of the blade. The alternative, point milling with just the tool tip, requires  many passes to leave a suitably small cusp height between passes. This dramatically increases the machining time of the part. The flank milling algorithm in MAX-5 also provides smooth machine motion without dangerous rotary spins that are a common pitfall of 5-axis machining.

MAX-5 supports ruled blade surfaces with optional non-ruled edge constructions. It also includes options for roughing, plunge milling, hub finish, flank-milled blade finish, leading edge, fillet finish, and tip milling.

With MAX-5, you can machine open impellers with a higher quality finish, faster!

MAX-5™ DEMO 5-axis flank milling


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