Specialized CAM Software

Postprocessing and Simulation


MAX-PAC generates toolpaths ready for your milling machine. Concepts NREC will develop customized output based on your specifications. All standard kinematic configurations are supported, including trunnion, table-on-table, tilting spindle, and swiveling part/spindle. 5-axis output is standard, but 4-axis and positioning 6th axis output is also possible. All major controller types are also supported.

Path and Material Removal Simulation

MAX-PAC includes toolpath and material removal simulation as a standard function. Navigation controls let you animate the trajectory of the tool in the 3D part view. Analysis functions allow you to:

  •   Display the tool path and tool axis vectors
  •   Overlay multiple paths for comparison
  •   Color the toolpath according to feed
  •   View stationary cutter with part moving around it
  •   Highlight axis reversals and excessive drill/drag conditions
  •   Show cutter contact point on part
  •   Measure distances from tool to part
  •   Overlay material removal model with cusp-level detail

Machine Simulation

This optional module gives a realistic look at the machine in motion, with path and material removal all in the same view. With collision and overtravel detection, it is essential for verifying that the part, fixture, and tooling are appropriate for the machine. You can define your own machine or provide your specifications to Concepts NREC for development.



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