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New Releases: Agile Engineering Design System v2021.0

By Dr. Peter Weitzman, President of Agile Engineering Software
Jun 11, 2021

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White River Junction, VT, USA – June 11, 2021 — Concepts NREC is pleased to announce the release of version 2021.0 of the Agile Engineering Design System®.

The Agile Engineering Design System® is an integrated suite of software modules for Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) specialized for turbomachinery.

For the past 25 years we have had a single release at approximately the end each calendar year. Starting now in 2021 we have begun a new process that allows us to release software multiple times per year to respond faster to the needs of our customers. Version 2021.0 is the first of the mid-year releases and includes products from our CAE as well as CAM software.

On the CAE side we have focused on capabilities to make it easier to design high solidity pumps in PUMPAL® and AxCent® and to take these designs easily into optimization and CFD using pbPost™ and TurboOPT II™.


Performance Map for High-Solidity Pump in PUMPAL


Adding a Swept LE for High-Solidity Pump design transferred using AGILE Link from PUMPAL to AxCent



Linked 2D and 3D Pressure Contours postprocessing view for High-Solidity Pump Design in pbPost via FINE/Turbo


Among the new CAM capabilities in v2021.0 of MAX-PAC™ are improvements in disc milling strategies to create more efficient toolpaths for gas turbine blisks and new graphical shop documentation to simplify the use of MAX-PAC inside of your shop manufacturing and quality systems.


Improved disc milling strategies in MAX-PAC™


Please register for one of our online user group meetings for CAE and CAM to learn the details of how version 2021.0 can help you solve your toughest turbomachinery design and manufacturing problems.

“Version 2021.0 represents a major shift in our development processes. By delivering multiple versions of software each year we can respond much more quickly to the urgent needs of our customers” said Dr. Peter Weitzman, President of Agile Engineering Software at Concepts NREC.

Version 2021.0 is available immediately to users on active Agile Product Support (APS).

To learn more, visit our website at


About Concepts NREC

For over 60 years, Concepts NREC has been a strategic partner to many of the world’s leading turbomachinery companies. We are the only company in the world that offers a complete in-house “Art to Part” solution from initial concept through design, manufacturing, testing and installation.


About the Agile Engineering Design System®

Concepts NREC’s Agile Engineering Design System® is a complementary suite of programs for Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) that covers the entire design process — from preliminary sizing through fluid dynamics and mechanical stress and vibration analysis. Final designs can be easily imported into our industry-leading CAM software, MAX-PAC™, to create efficient 5-axis machining strategies.


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