Specialized CAM Software


CAM Software for Flank Milling

MAX-5 creates 5-axis CNC machining instructions for flank milling of ruled-surface turbomachinery components. Typical applications include parts for centrifugal compressors, pumps, inducers, fans, turbochargers, stators, radial-inflow turbines, expanders, and torque converters.

With MAX-5’s patented algorithm, dramatic cost savings can be realized using ruled-surface designs and production with a flank-milling process. Flank milling efficiently finishes the entire blade surface with one pass using the side of the cutter. Compared to other CAM systems, MAX-5 is often capable of generating flank milling toolpaths with an 80% to 90% error reduction. The alternative, point milling, requires many finish passes to leave a suitably small cusp height between consecutive passes.

MAX-5 supports ruled blade surfaces with optional non-ruled edge constructions. It also includes options for roughing, plunge milling, hub finish, flank-milled blade finish, leading edge, fillet finish, and tip milling.

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