Engineering Solutions

Comprehensive Engineering Solutions

Our highly-trained engineering team works closely with you to understand your performance, reliability, manufacturability, and cost goals. Concepts NREC analyzes alternative design approaches and provides vital insight into the interdependencies between hardware design and operating requirements. We suggest improvements, develop designs, supply retrofit components, and provide complete equipment solutions.

Proven Expertise

Concepts NREC's engineering consulting services can supplement and support your in-house capabilities with world-class technology, specialized methods, and proven experience in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, combustion, applied mechanics, production, and system controls. Our engineers work closely with you to understand and resolve various performance, structural, and rotordynamic problems in individual machines, entire turbomachinery trains, or complete plant systems.

Concepts NREC helps you solve difficult engineering problems to improve the efficiency, performance, and manufacturability of your compressors, pumps, turbines, fans, blowers, and turbochargers. We can work from existing specifications or only a statement of the desired requirements.

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