Industry Applications

Broad Application

Concepts NREC serves a diverse spectrum of industries, from aerospace, oil and gas, transportation, industrial and consumer goods, to green and renewable energy.

Our Client Profiles include: 

  • Manufacturers designing their next generation of rotating equipment
  • Industrial plants converting waste heat to electric energy
  • Commercial aviation companies seeking to improve the performance of their turbines
  • Formula One racing teams wanting that winning edge from their turbocharging systems
  • Engineering companies bringing novel approaches for energy storage to market
  • Green technology companies harvesting energy from the earth, wind, water, or sun
  • Aerospace firms developing advanced rocket and space propulsion
  • Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MROs) looking for help with their rerates and rebuilds
  • Turbomachinery OEMs needing to validate their designs through independent laboratory testing
  • Government agencies sponsoring advanced research and development projects
  • Refrigeration companies looking to expand their range of chiller compressors
  • Companies and universities training tomorrow’s engineering leaders